‘You must have tiger blood’: Portuguese author Bruno Macaes brutally trolled over his dig at India

It’s a known fact that many Western and European leaders and journalists tried to shame India over Russian oil purchase and each time External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar gave a befitting reply full of facts to shut their mouths. India is also on their target as the European countries assume that New Delhi is supporting Russia in the Ukraine conflict. Now, new to the list is Bruno Macaes, a Portuguese politician and author. In a dig at India and Russia, the author tweeted that Russian and Indian people will be disappointed to know that no one is freezing in Europe. “I am sorry to disappoint my Russian and Indian friends but no, no one is freezing in Europe,” he tweeted.

However, his tweet not only got fact-checked within minutes but the author was trolled brutally by the social media users. Politico Europe Editor Nicholas Vinocur said that everyone he knows in Brussels has been heating their homes as little as possible due to explosive heating bills. He said people are definitely feeling the cold. To this, Macaes said that he spent a full winter in Brussels and never turned the heat on. To this, Vinocur said, “You must have tiger blood.”

Macaes further said that Brussels will be warmer next week. However, another user soon fact-checked him. “Not in my world. Minus 10 last night in Linkebeek, 1 mile from Brussels. Minus 5 as I’m writing. And yes, as you’re asking, we’re constrained to set heating at 17 max, because bills are exploding and would become unbearable: x 5,” said the user.

Guardian columnist Owen Jones said, “Bruno, in Britain alone there are 20,000 – 30,000 excess winter deaths a year, and that’s without the surge in energy bills we’ve suffered. You can and should oppose Russia’s invasion without showing how completely out of touch you are with suffering.”

A Hong Kong based economist Trinh said, “Why is India included in this? Indians don’t wish Europe ill. In fact, most got bigger issues to deal with like still high inflation and high unemployment or lack of informal employment. Give India a break. People like to pick on this country because it’s easier than China.”

Journalist  Srinivasan Sivabalan said, “Painting Indians as the bad guys is becoming the new hobby in the UK/Europe.”


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