Somy Ali reveals Salman Khan ‘provoked’ her to talk about her abuse after 20 years; she wants him to ‘confess’ and ‘apologise’ to her publicly

Somy Ali took to her Instagram handle to share a video with her followers and revealed why she is coming after Salman Khan20 years after she faced abuse in his hands.

In the video, Somy addressed the people who are trolling her for accusing the superstar for publicity. According to her, she has faced sexual and physical abuse many times in her life right from her childhood days and she did not gain publicity from them. She also revealed that Salman apparently got her show banned from India where they tried and rescued victims of abuse from India. According to her, by doing so, Salman ‘provoked’ her to come out and talk about the abuse she faced at his hands 20 years ago.

Elaborating further, Somy added that she wants the ‘Dabangg’ star to confess to his actions and apologize to her in public. She also urged people to educate themselves before accusing her of wrongdoings.

Earlier, she had also shared a post that read, ‘What took you so long to come out and talk about what you went through with Salman Khan? This is not breaking news by any means. Rummage through any tabloid or a film magazine from the early 90’s to 1999 and you will read articles about Somy being physically abused by Salman. This is what truly baffles me as to why everyone is finding this as if it was never brought to light back in the 90’s. I simply stopped talking about it the way I never brought up being a victim of childhood abuse. But, now there is a reason to bring it up and a reason prominent enough where it is a matter of life and death for countless children, women and men.’

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