John Abraham Appears To Dodge Question On Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan Look

In a video that has gone viral, actor John Abraham seems to be avoiding answering a question on his Pathan co-star Shah Rukh Khan’s much-publicised comment on physique in the film. In footage from a press conference, John is seen ignoring a question about Shah Rukh’s “fitness and body” and getting up to leave. The video has been going viral on social media ever since it was tweeted by someone who is clearly not a fan of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan look – trolls doubt the authenticity of the 57-year-old superstar’s chiseled torso in the film Is.

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When the reporter asked him about his fitness, John Abraham left the question and went away.

Pathan stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone as covert op agents on an anti-terrorist mission against John Abraham. Shah Rukh’s enviable physique, including eight-pack abs, has been a talking point, with social media equally divided between praise and skepticism (trolls blame CGI).

Pathan has also, somewhat predictably, become controversial because of Deepika Padukone’s outfits – a variety of swimsuits and bikinis in the song. Shameless color.

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