Do you know what hashtag Hrithik Roshan would pick to describe him?

Hrithik Roshan who tuned 49 recently (January 10), is not only one of the finest actors of this generation, but is also extremely fit, as evident from his recent transformation.

Recently, the actor interacted in a session with his fans, just prior to his birthday, where he revealed various facets of his life.

The actor, who has been doing a lot of action movies like war, recently opened up on the genre and why it excites him so much. Elaborating on the same Vikram Vedha The actor said that doing action is always exciting because of special effects and VFX. He also said that he immensely enjoys the pace that an action thriller brings and apart from the adrenaline rush, the genre also keeps him fit since he needs to move around a lot for that.

The actor also revealed a hashtag that best describes him and said that if he ever needs to pick one, it will be YOLO (You only live once). Adding that he has recently picked up this word, the Kaabil The actor said that it best describes his state of mind right now.

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