Avatar 2 Box Office Collection Day 26: The Way of Water sees a minimal dip again, Producer Cameron reacts

The Way of Water is doing remarkably well at the box office across the globe. As the film gets closer to the $2 billion-mark at the worldwide box office, filmmaker James Cameron says it’s a reminder that moviegoers still value the theatrical experience in an era of streaming dominance. In India, Avatar 2 saw a nominal dip in collections. However, it still managed to put up a decent business, which was better than the Bollywood releases.

Avatar 2 Box Office Report :

Trade reports suggest that Avatar: The Way of Water has surpassed Rs 450 crore at the box office in India. After maintaining strong pace, Avatar 2 saw a decline in its collection and reportedly minted Rs 2-3 crore on January 10.

According to Box Office India, “Avatar – The Way Of Water scored a fourth weekend of 16 crore nett plus dropping less than 60% from last week which was a holiday weekend so the trend of the film is still very strong. The business on Saturday and Sunday was very good. The business remains strong in the South with Tamil Nadu leading but the contribution from South will drop as big local films start coming from Wednesday. The collections of the film stand at 355 crore nett which is 12 crore nett less than Avengers Endgame but the GROSS numbers stand at around 458 crore and that is more than Avengers which was 437 crore GROSS.”

“The film should go on to beat the Avengers Endgame number of 367 crore nett but it will depend on the Hindi circuits as contribution from South could drop down to 15-20% from the 50% at present,” BOI stated.

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